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Why Innovative Ear & Hearing | Hartig Hearing and Optical?

Knowledge and Ability:

Our founder comes from 4 generations of hearing specialists devoted to helping people hear better. With over 20 years of experience and education in the hearing industry, he thoroughly understand the concerns and needs of our patients when it comes to optimizing their hearing and vision. So you see making sure you hear and see better is our one and only concern.


We pledge to work right along side you to restore your hearing and vision to thier maximum potential.

Comfortable Surroundings:
We offer a comfortable and beautiful office… providing privacy and state of the art equipment to maintain your hearing and vision instruments and provide you with superlative hearing and vision care.


We focus on one manufacturer and only one for hearing… STARKEY, the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing instruments. With today’s technology changing and evolving, it is impossible to be an expert in the usage of all software for all manufacturers. Today’s instruments commands the specialist be knowledgeable in all aspects of programming and functioning of these unique instruments. This is why we focus on perfecting and understanding every aspect of the complete line of Starkey hearing instruments.

Honesty and Integrity:

We’ll give you an honest and open evaluation. No matter what you’ve heard, good hearing amplification is often more expensive than people anticipate. This stems from the intricate nature and inner workings of today’s hearing instruments, as well as the high quality digital sound and processing ability.


Cumbersome and embarrassing hearing aids are a thing of the past. We offer hearing instruments so small and technologically advanced, they can be worn with pride, class, style, and distinction.
We are providers for most insurance offering hearing aid benefits i.e. BC/BS, PPOM, Laborers, HAP and Medicaid etc.

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